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Birmingham is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United Kingdom. It is situated in West Midlands, England. The city has a population of 1 million people and its wider metropolitan area has over 2.3 million residents. Birmingham and the surrounding area became an industrial powerhouse in the 18th Century from their mining activities in coal pits, coal mines, limestone, iron and sandstone mines, quarries, iron foundries and steel mills.

Birmingham's industrial growth resulted to the great wealth of many middle-class citizens, but deprived working class people, who lived in poverty among overcrowded unsanitary conditions with high death rates. From late 19th century its growing population earned it the epithet "The Second City of the British Empire" (after London).

Birmingham was heavily bombed during World War II, resulting in more than 2,000 deaths. Its rebuilding after the war has resulted in a city noted for its art, culture and architecture, including its two large cathedrals. Today Birmingham is a major international commercial centre and one of the leading core cities of the United Kingdom. It is heart of Birmingham's creative industries, which are headquartered in its Media City UK development at The Mailbox.

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