Eco-Friendly Adventure: 9 Bristol Traffic-Free Cycle Routes

Eco-Friendly Adventure: 9 Bristol Traffic-Free Cycle Routes

bristol and bath railway path

In this post, we highlight some of the best cycling routes from the city of Bristol and the surrounding area, including well-maintained cycle paths and mountain bike trails! The city and the west country are a cyclist's paradise. There are miles and miles of cycling routes to explore, all while enjoying the beautiful scenery and stunning architecture that this historic city has to offer. You can take the scenic route from Bristol to Bath along the Railway Path, see the city's great architecture on the Bristol Docks Loop, or see the stunning views on offer of the Wye Valley at Symonds Yat Rock! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cyclist, there's something for everyone in Bristol. So what are you waiting for? Hop on your bike and discover everything that's awaiting you here!

Experience Bristol's Beauty On Two Wheels

Cycling Routes
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    Bristol and Bath Railway Path

    The Bristol and Bath Railway Path is a great place to cycle. It's well-maintained, scenic, and relatively flat, making it ideal for a leisurely ride. And because it's away from traffic, it's also a great place to take children cycling. The path is also a great way to experience Bristol and Bath by bike. You can start in Bristol and cycle into Bath, or vice versa. Whichever route you choose, you're sure to enjoy the fantastic views of the local countryside and the peacefulness of being away from traffic.

    Festival Way

    Bristol is filled with cycle paths, making it easy to get from the city to surrounding villages and towns with little to no hassle. The Festival Way offers a scenic route that takes you past some of Bristol's best-known landmarks on the way to the town of Nailsea, and with very little traffic to worry about, this route is popular for cycling commuters every day!

    traffic free cycle routes bristol

    The Strawberry Line

    The Yatton to Cheddar cycle route, which forms part of the Strawberry Line, is a 10-mile route that follows the old railway line between the two towns. The route is flat and predominantly traffic free, making it ideal for cyclists of all abilities. And with stunning views of the Sandford Orchards and the Cheddar Gorge, it's no wonder the Strawberry Line is one of the most popular cycle routes in the area.

    Bristol Docks Loop

    The Bristol Docks Loop cycle route is a great way to experience how good cycling is in the city. The route takes you through some of the best scenery in the area from the city centre to the Cumberland Basin. You'll also get to experience some of the city's great architecture including views of the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge.

    MTB: Leigh Woods

    If you're looking for a great mountain biking experience near Bristol, look no further than the Leigh Woods trails. These trails offer everything you could want in a cycling adventure, from challenging climbs to fast descents. And best of all, they're located just a short distance from the city center. So if you're looking for a quick getaway or an afternoon of fun, Leigh Woods is the perfect place to go.

    MTB: Ashton Court Estate

    The Ashton Court Estate mountain biking trails are some of the best in the area with a range of competitions held on them throughout the year. The trails stretching for miles wind their way through woods and open meadows, offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Whether you're an experienced cyclist looking for a challenging ride, or a beginner just starting out, the Ashton Court Estate trails are sure to provide an enjoyable and memorable experience.

    MTB: Forest of Dean Cycle Centre

    The Forest of Dean Cycle Centre offers some of the best mountain biking trails outside of the city. Just a short drive from Bristol, the Cycle Centre is the perfect place to get your heart pumping and experience some of the best cycling in the region. With blue and red graded trails to suit all levels of ability, the Cycle Centre is an ideal destination for anyone looking for a challenge (especially taking on the advanced downhill trails found here!).

    Mallards Pike Cycle

    MTB: Mallards Pike

    The 9 miles of trails wind through some of the most beautiful forests in the area, and they offer a variety of challenges for cyclists of all abilities. Whether you're looking for an easy ride to enjoy the scenery or a more challenging ride to test your skills, the Mallards Pike circular route is not only a test of endurance but is also filled with history due to the old coal mines that used to be in operation here.

    MTB: Symonds Yat Rock

    If you're looking for an exhilarating mountain biking experience, look no further than the Symonds Yat Rock trails. With miles of trails to choose from, there's something for everyone, whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider. High above the Wye Valley, the linear track winds through woodland and some of the most stunning scenery in the area, so you can take in the sights as you ride and enjoy this special place.


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    Please note...

    All outdoor activities including cycling involve a degree of risk. The routes are recommended due to the well known features of each route but this may change over time and further research is required before undertaking any activity. The weather can also impact the surface and general conditions of each route so please keep yourself updated with the weather forecast before setting off to enjoy your cycle!

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