Explore Anglesey's Wilderness: Top 7 Forest Walks

Explore Anglesey's Wilderness: Top 7 Forest Walks

Beddgelert forest
Anglesey Forest Walks
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    The table above lists all the best forest walks in and around Anglesey. Click on each name to be taken straight to the part of the blog post for that walk.

    If you're in search of a tranquil and peaceful place to visit and soak up some nature, then you need look no further than Anglesey. This small and charming island off the Welsh coast has been attracting visitors for centuries with its spectacular coastline, picturesque villages, stunning beaches - and of course, its fantastic wooded valleys. There are many hidden gems that can be discovered while exploring these unique forests; every twist of the path reveals something new to uncover along the way. Whether you take a meandering stroll through one of Anglesey's many designated trails or craft your own itinerary as you go, there is much to discover on this ancient land! So why not plan your trip soon to explore all that Anglesey has to offer? You can spot the wildlife at the Cors Bordeilio National Nature Reserve, see the beauty on show at Cwm Idwal in Snowdonia or walk the dunes at the Newborough National Nature Reserve.

    Escape to Nature and Spend Quality Time Exploring Anglesey

    In this blog post, we will be listing the many forest walks in Anglesey.

    Have a look below at the walks available on the interactive map and click on the buttons below the map for each walk, to be taken to the Wales Natural Resources pages for further information on the forest trails.

    Coedydd Aber National Nature Reserve

    Coedydd Aber National Nature Reserve has been a beloved destination for visitors since Victorian times - made up of lush oak, hazel and alder woodland with plenty to explore. Here you can find over 100 species of lichen due to the humid pockets near the waterfall, in addition to an Iron Age hillfort with round huts still standing as markers from ancient civilisations gone by. The entire trail is approximately 2 miles long; come see all that this mesmerising reserve holds!

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    Cors Bordeilio National Nature Reserve

    Come explore the picturesque environment of Cors Bordeilio. Here, you'll discover a vibrant landscape rich in wildlife and stunning wildflowers. Stroll along its waymarked 1-mile walk surrounded by limestone-drained water that provides unique habitats for rare plants and animals - including wetland birds singing melodiously from the reed beds. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to observe nature's wonders up close!

    Beddgelert Forest

    Explore the majestic beauty of Snowdonia National Park! Discover its hidden treasures – Llyn Llyweyln's secluded lake, the Old Welsh Highland railway running through Beddgelert Forest and your very own 3 mile circular route with a view to Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon). Feel free to take up walking or cycling on the waymarked trails. This is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise - don't miss it!

    Cors Erddreiniog National Nature Reserve

    Wander through the tranquil landscape of Cors Erddreiniog, one of Anglesey's three fen National Nature Reserves. Discover a wealth of wildlife that is rare across Britain - from birds and insect species unique to this type of threatened wetland habitat. With its 3-mile wildlife walking route taking in remarkable views over the fen, there is much more than meets the eye here! Summer brings with it an explosion on colourful wildflower display as well as bird calls echoing across these special reserves which are so highly protected due to their diversity.

    anglesey woodland walks

    Cwm Idwal National Nature Reserve

    Located at the northern end of Snowdonia National Park, Cwm Idwal is a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Take in spectacular views while hiking around its beautiful lake or stumble upon rare Arctic alpine plants including moss campions and purple saxifrage on your journey! Get started by visiting the nearby visitor center; however please be aware that all trails are uneven with steep rocky ground - so you definitely need to come prepared before setting off!

    Gwydir Forest Park

    Betws-y-coed, perched in the heart of Snowdonia National Park, is a fairytale village. Surrounding it is a range of dreamlike trails that completely encircle the village in Gwydir Forest Park! Whether you're looking for an easy stroll or a more adventurous hike up steep inclines with breathtaking views - seeking out serene lakeside rambles or something far longer and steeper – there's plenty to explore here at its very best.

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    Newborough National Nature Reserve

    Newborough Warren is an awe-inspiring landscape that has been sculpted by the wind and sea over thousands of years, creating a majestic dune system containing expansive coastal marshes, sandy beaches & rocky shores. It's no wonder it makes for such a popular recreational area - with walking trails to explore along with cycling routes suitable for all ages; not forgetting the Animal Puzzle Trail designed especially for younger visitors – there’s something here everyone can enjoy!

    The Dingle (Nant y Pandy) Nature Reserve

    Nestled in the woodland of Dingle/Nant y Pandy, this spectacular 10 hectare (25 acre) Local Nature Reserve may seem like an ordinary wooded valley to some. But with its diverse array of sessile oak, ash and wild cherry trees complete with a breathtaking display of bluebells each spring, and with plenty more plants popping up seasonally - there's something for everyone! You don't want to miss out on strolling the charming wooden boardwalk while admiring impressive sculptures along the way or stopping off for a picnic in the sun!


    In this blog post, we have shared some of the woodland walks in and around Anglesey. To find out more about things to do in the area, click on the links below:


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    Please note...

    All outdoor activities including forest walks involve a degree of risk. The walks are recommended due to the well known features of each forest but this may change over time and further research is required before undertaking any activity. The weather can also impact the surface and general conditions of each path so please keep yourself updated with the weather forecast before setting off to enjoy your walk!

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