Unwind on One of These 9 Beautiful Forest Walks Near Dublin

Unwind on One of These 9 Beautiful Forest Walks Near Dublin

Local Forest Walks
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    The table above lists all the best forest walks near Dublin. Click on each name to be taken straight to the part of the blog post for that walk.

    Are you looking for a getaway to switch up your daily routine or to see something new? Dublin has the answer – forest walks! Take the opportunity to be enveloped in nature and experience some of Ireland's most beautiful wildlife. The forests around Dublin are full of possibilities and fun, with many trails taking you through sprawling woodland, along streams and into areas you'll want to return to. Explore nature like never before with breathtaking landscapes, stunning scenery and enchanting paths that will take your breath away - all just a few steps from one of Europe’s most exciting cities. You can go birdwatching at Kew Woods, see the centuries old trees at Eggerslack Woods or take in the natural beauty of the Forest of Bowland.

    Once you've read up on the woodland trails to try near Dublin, why not have a look at our posts for the activities that are available to do in this area. You can find them on the following buttons below:

    Escape The City And Explore Ireland's Natural Beauty

    In this blog post, we will be listing the many forest walks near Dublin.

    There's so many beautiful woodland walks on the doorstep of the Irish capital! Have a look below at the forest walks available on the interactive map and click on the individual place buttons  for further information on the forest trails.

    Slievethoul and Lugg

    Whether you’re looking for a place to take a leisurely stroll or craving an adventurous hike, Slievethoul and Lugg is the perfect destination. The forest situated on the edge of the Dublin Mountains offers amazing open-air views of the rolling mountains nearby. There’s 2 trails here of varying lengths so no matter your fitness level, there's something for everyone. With plenty of natural beauty and some historical archaeological monuments added too, the forest is a favourite to many!

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    Cruagh Wood

    If you're looking for a beautiful way to spend the day while visiting Dublin, why not take a walk in Cruagh Wood (one of 3 mountain summits in the area)? This picturesque trail, located just south of the city, is full of unique sights and experiences. From lush green hills to winding trails and stunning views from the summit, you can expect natural beauty around every corner.

    Hell Fire Club

    When looking for an outdoor adventure in Dublin, the Hell Fire Club is a must-see destination. Located on Montpelier Hill, the forest walks are surrounded by wild nature and offer many scenic views across the city. The hill has a rich mythological history, and the Hell Fire Club itself is shrouded in mystery and spooky tales with the building's history going back to the mid 18th Century. With its vast landscape and incredible panoramas, it's no wonder that the place is so popular among hikers and tourists that come to visit Dublin.

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    Massy’s Estate

    If you're visiting Dublin and looking for a place to go for a nice walk, look no further than Massy's Estate. This oasis of parks, gardens and forestry, the estate is perfect for anyone seeking an escape from the bustling city. With the Nature Trail stretching for 1.5km taking in all the estate’s features like the walled garden and saw mill ruins, the trails here are some of the more popular in the region.

    Tibradden Wood

    Whether you’re looking for a peaceful place to unwind or an opportunity to connect with Irish nature, a visit to Tibradden Wood is sure to be a memorable experience. Stretching for just under 2 miles, the Tibradden Mountain trail provides hikes for travellers of all skill levels and interests – from level trails through the forest before taking on the incline until you reach the summit. An array of wildlife inhabit the area offering visitors the chance to truly appreciate the beauty of nature without leaving Dublin’s borders.

    woodland walks near dublin


    Located south of the city and surrounded by rolling mountains, this beautiful 8 mile walk provides an opportunity to connect with Ireland's captivating wilderness. A fantastic chance to get outdoors and marvel in dazzling scenery, Kilmashogue is the perfect spot for afternoon hike with spectacular scenic views as the reward on your journey upwards and at the very top.

    forest walks near dublin


    Located just 10 miles from the city centre, the forest and mountain walk here is sure to provide an unforgettable experience for visitors. The woodland boasts a stunning network of forest trails so visitors can take an invigorating walk and enjoy some of the finest views of the city, Dublin Bay and the Wicklow Mountains that the area has to offer. In addition, there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied: from orienteering courses to mountain bike trails adding an extra layer of excitement to your journey! With easy access from the core of the city, Ticknock Forest is definitely worth visiting on your next trip.

    Barnaslingan Wood

    Not only is Barnaslingan Wood full of lush greenery, spectacular views, and natural beauty, the forest also offers plenty more. The breathtaking scenery will make for an excellent place to take photos and capture stunning memories forever. For those looking for an outdoor adventure, the trails offer beautiful scenery that you’ll want to see with friends and family. After a day spent in nature appreciating the wonders of the views on offer here, you’ll want to come back to experience the natural wonder again and again!


    Make sure you don’t miss out on the incredible trails at Carrickgollogan. This magnificent woodland features scenic views with a history to match, making it a perfect spot to take a leisurely stroll admiring the breathtaking landscape whilst taking in the industrial past that the area was known for. Along your walk, you’ll discover the disused lead mine chimney that dates back over 100 years, offering visitors a unique insight into the area’s fascinating mining past.


    In this blog post, we have shared some of the woodland walks near Dublin. To find out more about things to do in the area, click on the buttons below:

    Please note...

    All outdoor activities including forest walks involve a degree of risk. The walks are recommended due to the well known features of each forest but this may change over time and further research is required before undertaking any activity. The weather can also impact the surface and general conditions of each path so please keep yourself updated with the weather forecast before setting off to enjoy your walk!

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