Step into Nature: 8 Must-Visit Forest Walks Near Liverpool!

Step into Nature: 8 Must-Visit Forest Walks Near Liverpool!

woodland walks near liverpool
Local Forest Walks
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    The table above lists all the best forest walks near Liverpool. Click on each name to be taken straight to the part of the blog post for that walk.

    The forest is a beautiful place, and Liverpool's forests are no exception. There are many different adventures to be had in these woods. You can explore the large area of Sutton Manor, spot the birds at Kew Woods, or be amazed at the scenery at Drinkwater Park. No matter what you do while you're in the forest, you're sure to have a great time. So why not come and visit Liverpool's forests today? You won't regret it!

    The beautiful forests near Liverpool

    In this blog post, we will be listing the many forest walks close to Liverpool.

    There's nothing better than a walk with the family in the woods. Have a look below at the forest walks available on the interactive map and click on the buttons below the map for each walk, to be taken to the Forestry England pages for further information on the forest trails.

    Sefton Meadows

    Made up of three beautiful woods, Sefton Meadows is perfect for an adventure in the wild! The Barn Owl Sculpture can be found at Jubilee Woods and you might also spot some hunting barn owls that frequent this area during dusk time. A wonderful area to explore not that far away from the city.

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    Sutton Manor

    The 230 acre site of Sutton Manor is a haven for nature, with over 2 million trees planted on the former colliery spoil heap. The area has become an important wildlife corridor and protects eastern Merseyside's natural environment from development- especially considering how close it lies next door to Liverpool!

    Kew Woods

    Head out to Kew Woods, a young woodland near Southport. You'll be able to enjoy the perfect place for forest runs and leisurely strolls with great views all around! The bird watchers here have also discovered that it's an ideal spot as well--so don't forget your binoculars when you go because there are plenty of birds to see here!

    forest walks near liverpool

    Viridor Wood

    Viridor Wood is a hidden gem for those looking to get out of the city and enjoy some peace. Enjoy an afternoon strolling through this tranquil wood, where you can find orchids growing among other plants that are just as beautiful!

    Delamere Forest

    Delamere is a hidden escape in the middle of England's agricultural landscape. It offers peace for those who want to get away from it all, with easy access by a train station that will bring you right into this picturesque area! Whether your goal is hiking through lush green forests or simply taking refuge within pristine natural surroundings - Delamere has something special waiting just around every corner!

    Colliers Wood

    Colliers Wood is a stunning expanse of woodland and grassland that can be explored for hours on end. There are several footpaths available to take you through this magical place, which means there's always somewhere new to see with your family or friends!

    Horrocks wood

    Horrocks Wood

    Horrocks Wood is a gem of a place within Winter Hill, with trails that lead through both woodlands and meadows. In addition to great views towards Jodrell Bank Observatory (among other things), from clear nights here you can also expect an evening sky full of starry skies!

    Drinkwater Park

    The mixed woodland at Drinkwater Park is a popular destination for locals who enjoy its wide selection of paths. The park also borders the River Irwell, which provides some scenic views while you're there!

    Please note...

    All outdoor activities including forest walks involve a degree of risk. The walks are recommended due to the well known features of each forest but this may change over time and further research is required before undertaking any activity. The weather can also impact the surface and general conditions of each path so please keep yourself updated with the weather forecast before setting off to enjoy your walk!


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