Looking for the best woodland walks in Aberdeenshire? We list the 17 best walks below!

Looking for the best woodland walks in Aberdeenshire? We list the 17 best walks below!

Forest Walks Aberdeenshire
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    The table above lists all the best woodland walks in Aberdeenshire. Click on each name to be taken straight to the part of the blog post for that walk.

    woodland walks in aberdeenshire

    The woodland walks around Aberdeenshire in Scotland are some of the best in the world. You can climb to the top of Bennachie, find out some history as you walk round Dunnottar Woods, take the mountain bike up Kirkhill forest or watch the red and roe deer in Coynachie forest. With beautiful scenery and ample opportunity for exploration, hikers and nature-lovers will feel right at home here. There is something for everyone, with hikes of varying difficulty and length to choose from. So, whether you’re a seasoned hiker, a dog walker, or just looking for a leisurely stroll, be sure to check out the forests around Aberdeenshire – you won’t regret it!

    The best forest walks in Aberdeenshire for an afternoon out

    In this blog post, we will be listing the many forest walks around Aberdeenshire.

    There's nothing better than a lovely walk to kill a few hours on your visit to a new place. Have a look below at the forest walks available on the interactive map and click on the buttons below the map for each walk, to be taken to the Forestry Commission pages for further information on the forest trails.

    Countesswells Woods

    The gentle views over Aberdeenshire farmland and towards the city of Aberdeen are a big part of what makes these woods so appealing. Countesswells offers one long circular route passing through them all, or you could try shorter walks if that's more your length! Check the Scottish Forestry and Land website before travel as the forest has been closed for a while due to safety issues after a recent storm.


    Foggieton is an idyllic walk in the woods, where mossy stone walls and chattering birds inhabit. The Doric name means “moss farm” because old farms stand amongst these ancient trees- a perfect place for peace seekers who want some quiet time alone or with friends alike! Foggieton Woods is one of the hidden walks Aberdeenshire offers.


    Kirkhill Forest is an ideal place to go for a hike, run or bike ride. There are great views all around from the Tappie Tower - a Victorian folly that offers visitors beautiful scenery while they enjoy their time outdoors! If you’re looking into further exploring this working forest have no fear because there's also mountain bike fun park where enthusiasts can perfect their technical cycling skills.


    Tyrebagger Woods is a place to enjoy the peacefulness provided by an old, mature forest. The Beech Tree Trail is a low-key route while longer routes connect this area with four hills around Aberdeen that offer more uphill hiking opportunities if you're feeling up for it! Check the Scottish Forestry and Land website before you travel via the link above as the forest has been closed this year.


    With its diverse forest and open hilltops, Pitfichie is a great place to explore the changing colors of nature. Mountain bikers can find challenging trails over granite rocks or easy downhill rides through lush green valleys - whatever they're after there's sure to be an option! Longer trails are available for anyone looking for a full day walking!

    hidden walks aberdeenshire


    If you're looking for walks around Banchory and the surrounding area, one can be found just five minutes away from the town. You'll find Scolty Hill surrounded by quiet woodlands and topped with one of its most distinctive features: The Scolty Tower! Climb up this iconic landmark to enjoy views over Royal Deeside as well as some old-fashioned fun on its dizzying staircase if you still have energy left after all that walking around in these lush forests,


    When you want to really get away from it all, head up the winding roads of Donview. The trails here are quieter and offer more privacy than those at Rowantree or Bennachie; if this sounds like your idea of fun, then take advantage by making use on these remote areas where there's not as many crowds! You can stop off along the river Don beforehand—just make sure to take your camera with you!

    Bennachie Visitor Centre

    Why would you want to visit a hill that isn't spectacular? The distinctive shape of Bennachie has meant "home" for thousands of years. It's also where people have lived in forts carved into its top, radical farming settlements on its slopes - but there are plenty more trails up here! From easy walks along serenely flowing streams through deep woodlands filled with birdsong or challenging hikes going up the hill; explore all areas while learning about the area at the visitor centre before setting off.

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    Dunnottar Woods

    Stonehaven’s community Dunnotar Woods is full of surprises and stories about the Kennedy family who once lived in Dunnottar House. You can walk directly into this natural wonderland from town, quickly losing yourself in history as you go! Dunnotar is one of the family walks Aberdeenshire provides that you can easily spend an hour or so wandering around in.


    Rowantree is a popular starting point for those who want to make their first trip up the Mither Tap, which dominates Aberdeenshire's countryside. Many locals say that it’s best choice if you are new and looking at doing some hiking in this part of Scotland!

    Back o'Bennachie

    The forest at Back o'Bennachie is a delight for those seeking tranquility. There's an open picnic area where you can have barbecues or play games like football in its spacious spaces, while trails through this atmospheric ecosystem lead to three different summits that offer spectacular views of the surrounding mountainsides-perfect spots make fantastic photo opportunities!

    Delgaty Wood

    Walk through the mossy woodlands and catch a glimpse of Delgatie Castle, nestled within its loch. The Delgaty Wood trails are great for gentle cycling as well as walking with many options to explore along each path you take!

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    When you get a chance, head out to Coynachie. The red and roe deer can be seen bustling through the trees while lizards bask in front of their sun-soaked homes with only an owl for company—or so they think!

    The Bin Forest

    The Bin is a treasure trove for those who love the great outdoors. Names like "The White Wood," which contains many old and majestic grand firs, epitomize what this park has to offer!

    forest walks aberdeenshire


    The high forest of Clashindarroch is a great place to explore in winter when there's snow on the ground. The trails are groomed for cross-country skiing in the colder months and you can walk, bike or ride up here any time during the summer season!

    Cambus o'May

    If you are looking for a place that has something new to offer each visit, then look no further than Cambus o'May. From wildflowers in spring and crisp winter views of Deeside’s mountains this walk should be on your list if forest walking is something you have a passion for!


    In this picturesque community, you can explore the forest and see what wildlife it contains. There are no formally marked trails in Denlethen but its easy enough to follow with a mixture of flat and grassy paths.


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    Please note...

    All outdoor activities including forest walks involve a degree of risk. The walks are recommended due to the well known features of each forest but this may change over time and further research is required before undertaking any activity. The weather can also impact the surface and general conditions of each path so please keep yourself updated with the weather forecast before setting off to enjoy your walk!

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