Discover Cornwall's Best Kept Secrets: 9 Top Woodland Walks

Discover Cornwall's Best Kept Secrets: 9 Top Woodland Walks

woodland walks in cornwall
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    The table above lists all the best woodland walks in Cornwall. Click on each name to be taken straight to the part of the blog post for that walk.

    Are you looking for a way to truly experience nature? Cornwall is the perfect destination for you! Take an invigorating walk through one of its vast and varied forests, full of sights and sounds that will enchant and excite your senses. From fragrant pine trees to fern-covered forest floors, this unique setting offers outdoor enthusiasts a chance to escape into their private haven away from it all. With such easy access to beautiful walking paths, why not explore Cornwall today? Step away from the hustle and bustle of city life and into the peaceful serenity that awaits! Ready to get going on your journey toward reconnecting with nature? Read on for more information on some amazing ways you can experience Cornwall's lush forests. You can explore the 250 acres of Tehidy Country Park, spot the birds of prey in Kilminorth Woods, or go back in time to the ancient hillforts in Idless Woods.

    Cornwall Woodland Walks FAQ's

    Yes, there are lots of woods in Cornwall. Some notable examples include Idless Woods, Cardinham Woods and Kilminorth Woods. The woodland in Cornwall have well maintained paths and trails and are taken care of by the Woodland Trust and the Forestry Commission.

    Tehidy Country Park is an oasis of natural beauty and tranquility in West Cornwall and is also the largest in the county. Take a peaceful stroll along the over 9 miles (14.5km) of scenic woodland trails, and explore 250 acres of serene forests and lakeside views, all just waiting to be discovered!

    9 of the Best Woodland Walks in Cornwall

    In this blog post, we will be listing the many woodland walks in Cornwall.

    Leave the beautiful Cornish coasts for another day and head to one of the forests listed below to get in touch with nature! Have a look below at the forest walks available on the interactive map and click on the buttons below the map for each walk, to be taken to the Forestry England pages for further information on the forest trails.

    Tehidy Country Park

    Tehidy is a magnificent woodland located in West Cornwall, covering an awe-inspiring 250 acres. Owned and managed by the local council as a Country Park, it features 9 miles of meandering pathways to explore at leisure - perfect for immersing oneself in nature’s beauty! Tehidy offers something different with each change of season; from wilder areas bursting with rich foliage during summer to serene glades and lakeside strolls through crystalline winter wonderlands – there's always something special awaiting your visit all year round.

    Kings Wood

    An oasis of tranquillity awaits you along the Cornish coast at Kings Wood. Spanning 144 hectares, this stunning variety of woodland offers an array of sights and sounds that are guaranteed to delight nature lovers. Enjoy wildflowers such as vibrant bluebells in springtime and yellow flag iris in the wet marshes; all providing havens for birds, insects, and butterflies such as holly blues – quite common here! Marvel at spectacular views from above while taking it all in - with its diverse habitat there's something new around every corner!

    Kilminorth Woods

    Kilminorth Woods is one of the largest valley oaklands in Cornwall, and its ancient trees have been a continuous presence for at least 400 years. It was once home to the Giant's Hedge that divided Dark Age Kingdoms, now serving as an enchanting backdrop for hikers who take a stroll along the West Looe River.

    Visitors are enthralled by nature’s soundtrack featuring predator birds such as buzzards and sparrowhawks; small woodland creatures including squirrels; plus myriad songs from warblers, mistle thrushes, and blackbirds found around every bend! Whether you're admiring vibrant foliage or keeping your eyes peeled for peregrines soaring above - this magical location offers something truly special that must be seen to fully appreciate it!

    Cardinham Woods

    Cardinham Woods in central Cornwall is the perfect way to get away from it all. Whether you're looking for a peaceful stroll through tranquil glades or an adrenaline-filled mountain biking experience, this natural haven has something for everyone! Enjoy stunning views and fresh air while exploring hidden paths winding beside streams running through the woodland.

    Deerpark woods


    Experience the wild beauty of Deerpark Wood and unlock a forgotten past. From Victorian artefacts unearthed to old gunpowder mills, you will uncover centuries-old secrets on your travels along the forest paths. Discover natural wonders from lush foliage to majestic wildlife amongst the trees.

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    Idless Woods

    Idless Woods is the perfect spot to take a tranquil stroll surrounded by nature's beauty! Nestled two miles north of Truro, this diverse woodland boasts an abundance of wildlife and historical sites. Venture into Idless Woods for a picturesque family getaway that will allow you to explore ancient hillforts as well as remnants from a centuries-old gunpowder factory - all while connecting with your natural surroundings. An absolute must for those who appreciate nature or are keen on uncovering its history!

    Newbridge Wood

    Discover the magical nature of Newbridge Wood, near Bodmin. A haven for explorers and outdoor lovers alike spanning 125 hectares with plenty to explore from scenic views to captivating sounds! Take a wander through this charming wood - it's sure to take your breath away!



    Discover the secrets of Roughtor on Bodmin Moor that have been captured in time. Enjoy a pleasant 3-4 mile walk with beautiful landscapes, alive with Iron Age remains, Bronze Age hut circles, and Neolithic tor enclosures waiting to be explored by those who love to admire a little bit of history as they wander through the forest!

    Laneskin Wood

    Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Laneskin Wood, nestled on the outskirts of Bodmin. With towering trees that seem to reach for forever, this wood is perfect for an exploration into nature's beauty - only disturbed by birdsong echoing through its paths and trails. Popular with local dog walkers who enjoy visiting here as it provides a tranquil escape from urban surroundings.


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    Please note...

    All outdoor activities including forest walks involve a degree of risk. The walks are recommended due to the well known features of each forest but this may change over time and further research is required before undertaking any activity. The weather can also impact the surface and general conditions of each path so please keep yourself updated with the weather forecast before setting off to enjoy your walk!

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