What food is Blackpool famous for? Top 6 food items listed!

What food is Blackpool famous for? Top 6 food items listed!

Local delicacies and items to buy
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    The table above lists all the local delicacies from Blackpool to purchase on your visit. Click on each name to be taken straight to the part of the blog post for that item.

    famous foods from blackpool

    The north west coastal town offers an exciting mix of traditional British fare and innovative modern dishes, allowing visitors to explore and enjoy local flavours in all kinds of delicious ways. From savory fish-and-chips to freshly baked pastries, sweet puddings to flavorful artisanal cheeses — there's something for everyone at the bustling Blackpool markets. And what's even better is that these fantastic meals are reasonably priced so that you won't break your budget while tasting them! So head to Blackpool to discover the amazing tastes of some of the delicacies listed below from one of Britain’s most vibrant destinations.

    You could try a distinctive blue cheese from the local village of Inglewhite called Blacksticks Blue, the famous sweet tasting Blackpool Rock or the meat-free Lancashire Butter Pie.

    Blackpool Famous Foods FAQ's

    Blackpool is famous for many food enjoyed throughout the year at this seaside town. One of the foods most enjoyed is Fish and Chips. For a small town, Blackpool has a surprisingly large number of fish and chip shops - testament to the dish's enduring popularity. Tourists and locals alike also enjoy other seafood including small portions of whelks, cockles and winkles which can be purchased along the sea-front. Away from the sea, Blackpool is known for its hard boiled sugar stick of Blackpool Rock, which comes in all sorts of colours and flavours.

    There are plenty of family-friendly restaurants in Blackpool. Some of the these include Pizza Hut, Frankie & Benny's and Bella Italia. These restaurants offer a wide variety of food options that cater to all tastes, and they also offer special menu for children. They're perfect for a night out with the family.

    The county of Lancashire is famous for many foods with none more so than black pudding. Made with pork blood and a variety of herbs and spices, this traditional British dish is popular all over the country but especially in the North of England and Scotland. Other iconic Lancashire foods include Lancashire Cheese, Lancashire Butter Pie, Lancashire Hot Pot and especially Eccles Cakes - a small pastry filled with currants and sugar.

    Taste The Local Cuisine Of Blackpool

    In this blog post, we will be discussing what delicacies you can expect to find in Blackpool.

    From traditional cuisine to more continental fare, there are many foods to get your taste buds going in one of the popular stay-at-home destinations in the United Kingdom. Here are a few examples we recommend:

    Blacksticks Blue

    Winner at the Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards 2021, this traditional delicacy is renowned for its rich and creamy texture that melts gracefully on the pallet. The distinctive sharp blue flavour - made from pasteurised cow's milk - makes it the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Originating from the local village of Inglewhite, the cheese is matured for 8 weeks to give it that distinctive tangy bite.

    Beacon Fell Traditional Lancashire Cheese

    One of the oldest and most popular cheeses in the county is the Beacon Fell Traditional Lancashire Cheese.  The cheese has a protected designation of origin name and can only be made officially in the areas of Blackpool, Fylde and Preston. Made from full fat cow’s milk, the cheese has an unmistakable creamy texture, making it hard to resist. While it can be served hot or cold, it is best enjoyed at room temperature and goes well with Haddock!

    Blackpool Rock

    You can’t go to Blackpool without trying the classic confectionery treat known as Blackpool Rock. This striped rock-shaped candy is loved by generations of visitors stemming from the 19th century, and still provides a uniquely Blackpool flavour that can be enjoyed during your stay. The hard boiled sugar stick shaped candy is a delicious option for those who are looking for something a bit different than the average sweet, with its combination of flavours including the likes of lemon, raspberry and mint.

    Potted Shrimp

    This traditional dish has been a staple of British seaside cuisine since the 18th century and is sure to delight your palate. Potted shrimp are slowly cooked in nutmeg flavoured butter, then layered with fresh spices, before being sealed in small jars for topping crackers and toast. The dish that can be eaten hot or cold results in a unique combination of flavours that won’t soon be forgotten.

    Lancashire Butter Pie

    The Lancashire Butter Pie is an unforgettable specialty of the Lancashire area. Handmade with a delicious combination of potatoes, onions and butter, the flaky pastry crust encases a rich flavourful centre that will satisfy your taste buds. Known historically as Catholic Pie or Friday Pie (due to traditional Catholics not eating meat on a Friday) the pies were a staple meal in family homes throughout the county. Today, you can find the pies in local bakeries and food stalls to enjoy while you take in the sights at the famous Blackpool Pleasure Beach or simply people watching along the promenade.

    Whelks, Cockles and Winkles

    If you are looking for fresh local cuisine while on your trip, look no further than the delicious shellfish dishes of whelks, cockles and winkles. Not only have these traditional British favourites been a staple food source along the English coast for centuries, but they are also absolutely delicious as a tasty snack. A small tub of whelks, cockles and winkles can be picked up at many food stalls along the shoreline and are enjoyed by thousands of tourists each year.


    Now that you know a little more about the local food scene in Blackpool, what are you waiting for? Go out and explore! You won’t be disappointed with the amazing flavours that await you. And who knows, maybe you’ll even find a new favourite dish!

    In this blog post, we have shared some of the most famous Blackpool foods and their origin stories. What is your favorite dish from the seaside town? Please share with us (via our contact form) what you think makes for a perfect food day or if there's an interesting story behind one of our featured dishes. These are just a few of the many delicious Blackpool foods you can try. To find out more about things to do in the area, click on the links below:


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