What Food is Cornwall Famous For? 9 Must-Try Delights!

What Food is Cornwall Famous For? 9 Must-Try Delights!

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    Cornish Pasty with potato salad

    Do you love experiencing different cultures, discovering new places, and trying out delicious local delicacies? If so, Cornwall is the place to be! Positioned securely on the southwestern tip of England, this coastal county boasts an abundance of unique flavour and divine treats for hungry tourists. From Cornish pasties to shortbread biscuit-like cakes called "Hevva Cakes", Cornwall has something scrumptious for everyone! Make your way down to this picturesque region where ancient traditions meet modern culture - there's no better place to explore than Cornwall if you want an unforgettable foodie experience.

    Many foods are associated with Cornwall including the famous Cornish Pasty enjoyed all across the United Kingdom, the odd-looking but tasty Stargazy Pie, and Cornish Clotted Cream which can be found on many a scone across the county!

    From Pasties to Cakes: A Tour of Cornwall's Delicious Local Cuisine

    In this blog post, we will be discussing what delicacies you can expect to find in Cornwall.

    From traditional Cornish cuisine to more continental tastes, there are plenty of options available from one of the most visited counties in the country. Here are a few examples we recommend:

    Cornish Pasty

    A Cornish pasty is an iconic dish that was granted Protected Geographical Indication in 2011. Uniquely delicious, these tasty pies are made by encasing a mouthwatering mixture of meats, vegetables, and seasonings in a flaky pastry crust - perfect for creating the ultimate handheld meal! Not only does this combination provide unparalleled flavour but its convenient size also makes it ideal to pop into your bag on the go; grab one before heading out for any outdoor adventure or sightseeing trip so you can experience authentic Cornwall cuisine no matter where you roam.

    Cornish Yarg

    With the recipe dating back to the 17th Century, Cornish Yarg is a cow's milk cheese with an unexpected earthy taste and aroma created from the distinctive nettle leaf wrap. This semi-hard variety of cheese stands out for its unique crumbly texture, slight mushroom taste, and versatility in recipes - perfect for salads to sandwiches, or cheese boards! Pair your Cornish Yarg with any kind of wine, beer, or cider to create the ideal appetiser experience that will tantalise any discerning pallet.

    Stargazy Pie

    Hailing from the Cornish village of Mousehole and featuring a unique feature of protruding fish heads from the pie's centre, Stargazy Pie is a classic seafood dish. The fish used in this delicious creation are traditionally sardines or pilchards combined with potatoes and onions then topped off by an indulgent pastry crust - all baked to perfection! Together they create a truly out-of-this-world flavour combination; savoury yet creamy succulent fish melds beautifully with the potato base underlain by buttery flaky pastry for texture.

    Cornish Heavy Cake (Hevva Cake)

    Nothing compares to the happiness of sinking your teeth into a flavor-bursting, crumbly piece of Cornish Heavy Cake! Also known as Hevva Cake, this traditional sweet treat is sure to bring warmth and comfort with its classic combination of flour sugar butter, and eggs with a mix of dried fruits such as raisins or currants. Enjoy it on its own with a cup of tea for maximum pleasure or use it dessert style by adding cream for that extra indulgence factor. Try yours on your visit and embrace true deliciousness!

    Cornish Kern

    Cornish Kern Cheese is a unique, handmade gouda-style delight that has recently hit the shelves. After 16 months of careful maturation and preparation using pasteurised cow's milk, this vintage cheese boasts an intense flavour with a pebbled texture sealed under a protective layer of black wax - perfect for any special occasion! Add something extra to your next cheese platter or salad topping by introducing Cornwall’s newest export – and don't forget to enjoy it alongside its ideal pairing partners: A glass of robust red wine or an ice-cold beer.

    What Food is Cornwall Famous For

    Saffron Buns

    Treat yourself to a taste of history with Cornish Saffron Buns - the classic pastry from Cornwall. Made with sweet dough and infused with saffron for an aroma that's out-of-this-world, these buns are filled with raisins, currants, and caster sugar before being baked into pillowy softness with a yellowish colour. The distinct flavour is sure to please your palette; one bite in and you'll be hooked!

    Cornish Fairings

    If you're looking for a delicious and unique British treat, Cornish Fairings are the perfect choice. Originating in Cornwall, these traditional ginger biscuits have become an enduring favourite thanks to their irresistible combination of flour, butter, sugar, golden syrup, and spices – including cinnamon and nutmeg which give them a truly warming flavour. With their slightly crumbly texture that is ideal for dipping into teas or coffees alike, a Cornish Faring will make a bedtime cup of tea extra special!


    For centuries, Pilchards or "Cornish sardines" have been fished in the county, and have captivated palates around the world with their savoury and slightly salty flavour. Not only are they a tasty addition to any meal but they also offer great nutritional benefits due to being packed full of protein, vitamin D, and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Found in many places along the Cornish coast, pilchards can be canned or eaten in sandwiches, salads, or as part of a healthy breakfast to start your day!

    Cornish Clotted Cream

    With its thick yet soft consistency, Cornish Clotted Cream resembles cream cheese with a flavour profile that has been aptly described as - creamy, mildly sweet, slightly nutty, and utterly divine! This sumptuous delicacy can be enjoyed by itself or spread on scones to enhance its appeal even further. Whether you like it slathered onto your morning toast or dolloped into tea for extra indulgence - one thing's certain: once tasted there’s no stopping the craving for more of this heavenly delight!


    Once you’ve tried a pasty, a hevva cake, or some Cornish Blue cheese, it won’t be hard to see why they are so beloved in the county. So next time you find yourself visiting the southwest coast, be sure to stop by Cornwall for a taste of the local cuisine – you won’t regret it!

    In this blog post, we have shared some of the most famous Cornwall dishes and their origin stories. These are just a few of the many delicious Cornish foods you can try. To find out more about things to do in the area, click on the links below:


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