What Food is Dorset Famous for? 7 Items From the Local Fare

What Food is Dorset Famous for? 7 Items From the Local Fare

What Food is Dorset Famous for? 7 Items From the Local Fare

Local Food
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    what food is dorset famous for

    Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese

    Dorset is well known for its food because it has hundreds of traditional dishes that are made with local produce. Some of the famous dishes and food items are the wonderful Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese, Portland Pudding, and the Dorset Jugged Steak. Many of the recipes have been handed down through generations, making Dorset foods unique and special. If you would like to cook any of the traditional dishes yourself, they are easy to make and will not cost you a lot of money.

    You can't miss these food experiences when you visit Dorset

    Dorset Apple Cake

    This fantastic little treat is very popular here in Dorset, not only with the locals but also the tourists who visit the county. This traditional cake made with local Bramley apples and some other ingredients like egg, sugar, cinnamon and flour.

    It tastes like something very unique and yet so special. It has a spicy hit to it, with the tang of the apples playing quite well with the warmth of cinnamon or ginger. The texture is delicious too; dense, but not dry or solid at all, while also being soft enough that you never have any trouble cutting into it.

    Dorset Knob

    A dry savoury biscuit that is only made from one company these days (Moore’s Biscuits). It is usually served with cheese and due to the hard texture of the biscuit, is sometimes soaked to soften before eating. The biscuit gets its name from the ‘Dorset Knob Buttons’ which is a style of craft originating from the county.

    Portland Pudding

    This succulent dessert is famous all over the world, and you can find this plentifully in Dorset. This dish is best served with custard or cream and is made by mixing eggs, caster sugar, butter and self raising flour together with orange extract before baking them in a hot oven to create a glazed over pudding, that was a favourite of King George III during his visits to Weymouth.

    Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese

    Dorset blue vinny is a blue cheese made historically from unpasteurised cow's milk (although now you'll find it mostly made from pasteurised milk due to the risk of TB). This strong-smelling cheese is a traditional Dorset product that has protected geographical status meaning only products made in the county can use its name. It is blue-veined with a crumbly texture that melts in the mouth.

    The multi-award winning Dorset blue vinny is similar to other creamy blue cheeses and is seen as an 'introductory' blue to the pleasant nature of its taste. A must-try for cheese lovers if in the area and goes well with oatcakes or crackers.

    Dorset Jugged Steak

    Jugged steak is a classic in many counties but in this particular county, it's a specialty. This dish can be made easily by combining beef chunks stewed with onions, wine and sausage-meat balls that is then slow cooked before serving. The traditional Dorset dish was once served during the days when the fair came to town and has been loved by locals ever since. An extremely flavoursome dish that can be eaten all year round.

    Tilly Whim Cheese

    This local cheese has a natural rind encasing a beautifully smooth textured semi-soft cheese inside. Throughout ripening, a range of natural flavors from the rind develops into the cheese underneath. Between batches the natural rinds can vary a little as the cheese responds to seasonal variations in the natural flora of the environment which gives this cheese its distinctive flavour you won’t want to miss.

    Dorset White Cheese

    Produced in Dorset itself, this strong, creamy cheese can be found in local shops throughout the county. The cheese is covered in a white rind and shaped into a log which helps the cheese underneath the rind to retain a firm texture. Made from unpasteurised cow's milk and animal rennet, the cheese has a wonderful tangy taste.


    If you're looking for some of the best of Dorset's delicacies to try when visiting the South East of England, the blog post above is exactly what you need. We hope we've answered the question 'What food is Dorset famous for?', whether it's locally made Dorset Blue Vinny or Dorset Jugged Steak, you'll love the items we've listed! To find out more about free things to do in the area, click on the links below.


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