What food is Dundee famous for? And what souvenirs to buy when visiting the sunshine city!

What food is Dundee famous for? And what souvenirs to buy when visiting the sunshine city!

Local delicacies and items to buy
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    what food is dundee famous for

    Dundee has a strong culinary tradition, thanks to the abundance of ingredients available in the surrounding area. Some of the most famous dishes include the Dundee Cake, Dundee Marmalade, and Angus Beef. As a city with such a rich history dating back to the 1800s when it was established as an industrial powerhouse of Britain’s Industrial Revolution, there is no doubt that this has had some part to play in its cuisine.

    Geographically, being on the east coast of Scotland close to several fishing ports, Dundee has access to some of the best seafood in the country. Seafood is a common feature throughout Scottish cuisine and can be seen today as a staple on menus all over Scotland.

    One such example of this is from the port of Arbroath which sits northeast of Dundee and is the famous 'Arbroath Smokie'. Arbroath smokies are now a global food phenomenon and can be seen on menus all over the world as “Arbroath Smokie” with the original recipe now protected under European legislation. Check below for some of our recommendations of local foods to try from Scotland's fourth-largest city!

    What are some of Dundee's most famous dishes?

    In this blog post, we will be discussing what delicacies you can expect to find in Dundee.

    Here are a few examples to try:

    Dundee Cake

    Dundee Cake is a Scottish fruit cake that is said to have originated in Dundee and is loved globally. It is made with a mixture of dried fruits, including sultanas, currants, raisins, and almonds. The cake on top is then covered in almonds that are decorated in a pattern that gives the cake a distinctive look.

    The cake is said to have been created in the early 18th century by Janet Kellier and mass-produced at the time by Kellier's Marmalade company. The cake quickly became popular and has been enjoyed by locals ever since. Today, Dundee Cake is recognised as a protected food product with specific ingredients allowed to make the cake only. Dundee Cake is often served as part of afternoon tea and can be found all over the city.

    what is dundee famous for

    Bridie by Linda Buckley under license CC BY 4.0

    Forfar Bridie

    The Forfar Bridie is a steak turnover that was originally made in the town of Forfar, in Angus, Scotland. It consists of minced beef and onions, seasoned with pepper and salt in a shortcrust pastry pocket (with the difference between the Forfar and Cornish Pasty being the flaky pastry used in the Forfar version). The meat filling is sealed inside the pastry casing whilst cooked which makes it a delicious, succulent, and leakage-free pie.

    The Forfar Bridie is now a popular part of Scottish cuisine and can be found throughout Dundee as well as Angus itself. We recommend you try one during your time in Dundee!

    Angus Beef

    Angus beef is a type of beef that is raised in the Angus region of Scotland among other parts of the North East. The beef is known for its flavour and tenderness and is considered to be some of the best in the world.

    The term Angus comes from the type of cattle (Aberdeen Angus) that is used for the beef and does not imply the beef is organic or of a higher grade. The beef is so popular that it can be found all over the world as the cattle type has been exported to many countries globally over the years. The beef can be marketed as superior due to its marbled appearance. If you're looking for a delicious, juicy steak that will melt in your mouth, we recommend trying Angus beef while you're in Dundee!

    Bishop Kennedy Cheese

    Bishop Kennedy Cheese is a delicacy that has been produced in Kinfauns, Perthshire for centuries. The cheese is named after Bishop Kennedy who was a 15th Century Bishop from the town of St. Andrews. Made from vegetable rennet and unpasteurised cow's milk, the cheese is strong and creamy with a pungent aroma. The cheese is a yellowish-orangey colour that can be found all over Dundee and throughout Scotland.

    good food in dundee

    Arbroath Smokie

    A smokie is a type of Scottish food that has been around since the 1800s, originating in the town of Arbroath. Today it is one of Scotland's most famous dishes and can be found all over Dundee. The Arbroath Smokie is a type of smoked fish that is typically made from haddock. It is named after the town of Arbroath with legend having it that the dish came from a fire that happened in a fish store cooking the barrels of salted haddock that had been left overnight which turned out to be quite tasty in the morning!

    The beautiful, salty, and slightly smoky taste of the Arbroath Smokie is universally acclaimed, and if you’ve never tried one before it’s worth a go! The dish is protected under the EU's Protected Food Name Scheme which acknowledges its unique status.

    Dundee Marmalade

    Dundee Marmalade is a type of marmalade that originated in Dundee (hence the name). The marmalade is made from Seville oranges and sugar and typically has a thick consistency.

    The history of Dundee Marmalade dates back to the 18th century when it was first created by Janet Kellier. Legend has it that John Kellier bought a load of bitter Seville oranges from a docked Spanish ship and after boiling the oranges (along with sugar) with his wife Janet, the first marmalade was produced. The Kellier Marmalade company became the biggest producer of marmalade in the 19th Century with the marmalade being enjoyed globally ever since.

    Dundee Marmalade is still made commercially by the Mackay's company in Arbroath and can be found in supermarkets throughout Dundee.

    And some souvenirs to take home...

    Desperate Dan Gifts

    Dan is a fictional character created in 1937 by D. C. Thomson & Co., the media company (still based in Dundee) which also publishes The Beano, for their comic The Dandy.

    He is depicted as a tall man wearing a brown cowboy hat and boots with spurs, who loves eating 'cow pie'. The comic depicted Dan as the strongest man in the world and can lift a cow with one hand and was much loved across the United Kingdom, until the final issue in 2013. One of Dundee's best characters, Dan is immortalised as a bronze statue in the city centre and is seen as a nostalgic figure of the city's past. You'll find many 'Desperate Dan' gifts and souvenirs across the city and is one to look out for on your visit.


    If you're looking for an amazing culinary experience, be sure to check out the food whilst in Dundee! The foods mentioned above can be found not just in Dundee but across the United Kingdom. With delicious and unique recipes using the dishes listed, you're sure to find something that tantalizes your taste buds. So why not give it a try on your next visit? Dundee is known as the sunshine city due to receiving the most sunshine hours of any city in Scotland but is also known for having some of the best food options around giving you plenty of choice for your next trip. To find out more about things to do in the area, click on the links below.


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