What Food is Norfolk Famous for? 9 Dishes You Can't Miss!

What Food is Norfolk Famous for? 9 Dishes You Can't Miss!

Local delicacies
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    What Food is Norfolk Famous for

    If you are a fan of unique and delicious food, you have to plan a visit to the quaint county of Norfolk. Here, you can experience some exceptional local delicacies that will tantalise your taste buds with their sumptuous flavours and textures. Whether it's seafood sold from roadside stands or traditional pasties handcrafted by skilled bakers - there is something for everyone! Visiting Norfolk allows visitors to try an array of new dishes, explore vibrant villages filled with character-filled rural pubs offering contemporary spins on classic recipes, or sample beer made right at rustic microbreweries. Come take a journey through this beautiful region and taste all the delightful famous treats it offers!

    Taste The Famous Foods of Norfolk Today

    In this blog post, we will be discussing what delicacies you can expect to find in Norfolk.

    From traditional cuisine to more continental fare, there are plenty of mouth watering options available in on of the most visited counties in England. Here are a few examples we recommend:

    Norfolk Samphire

    If you're looking for a salty, deliciously crisp treat from the sea then look no further than samphire! Starting in June and lasting through September, this local favourite can be found growing abundantly on Britain's shorelines. North Norfolk has some of the best supply with its largest expanse of salt marsh; one taste proves that it sure packs an ocean-infused punch - perfect grilled or steamed to bring out a milder flavour profile.

    Colman’s Mustard

    Make your meals a fiesta of flavor with Colman's Original English Mustard! For 160 years, this British manufacturer has been crafting the perfect blend for their customers' favourite dishes. With locally-grown mustard seeds double-milled for an intense taste experience, it's sure to transform any dish into something special - from sandwiches and meats to salads. Get ready for big bold flavours that will bring out the best in every meal! Found in supermarkets throughout the country.

    cromer crab

    Cromer Crab

    Norfolk's Northern coast is renowned for its deliciously sweet and juicy Cromer Crabs, caught off the shore of the village Cromer. The chalk shelf in this region provides an abundance of nutrients to create a particularly flavoursome treat with a tender texture and fragrant aroma. Locally produced and fresh to the plate, the crab is especially popular with tourists who come from afar to experience the brown and white meat specialty that can be found in many restaurants and cafés across the county.

    Brancaster Mussels

    For an incredibly delicious and beneficial seafood experience, mussels are the way to go! Farmed in Brancaster's creeks off North Norfolk, these succulent delights are bursting with vitamins and minerals with a great taste to boot. To truly appreciate their flavour, the mussels are prepared simply for a memorable meal you'll keep coming back for time and again. From pubs to restaurants along the coast - enjoy every bite of nature’s nutrient-packed gift!

    Norfolk Black Turkey

    The Norfolk Black Turkey is a truly unique experience, offering discerning diners the ultimate in gourmet taste. This remarkable British breed boasts an impressive high breast bone and striking black plumage, with legs to match - all complemented by its long body shape and fine-grained gamey flavour reminiscent of pheasant. Delivering intense satisfaction at Christmas time or beyond, this traditional turkey takes significantly longer to mature than those available from factory farms today - making it well worth the wait!

    Norfolk Vinegar Cake

    Norfolk Vinegar Cake is surely a recipe from the past, yet its timeless taste will never go out of style. No eggs? No problem! This delightful cake utilizes ingredients such as flour, butter, raisins, and apple cider vinegar to craft an inspired twist on traditional fruitcake & bread pudding - though you don't have to worry about it tasting like anything other than pure deliciousness (and not like vinegar!).

    Norfolk Shortcake

    Norfolk Shortcake

    If you're looking for a tasty treat to accompany your next cuppa, then look no further than the Norfolk shortcake! This traditional classic sits somewhere between an indulgently heavy scone and light crumbly biscuit. Baked into delicious squares, it's made with all the familiar ingredients of flour, sugar, currants, egg, and butter. Perfectly sweetened with just the right amount of crumble in every bite; there might be nothing better than relaxing by yourself or good company while savouring one (or two!) out-of-this-world Norfolk Shortcakes.

    Stiffkey Blue Cockles

    The delicious Stiffkey Blue Cockles, renowned as a gourmet delicacy, can be found in North Norfolk's coastal village of the same name. Here you'll discover muddy creeks filled with refreshingly salty water that provide an ideal habitat for these tasty treats (with a distinctive blue colour) - known to have an intense yet unique shellfish flavour. Ready-made for dishes like soups and pies or simply enjoyed steamed fresh from the sea!

    Binham Blue

    Binham Blue, a Norfolk delicacy made with pasteurised cow's milk, is an ideal addition to any cheese board. The blue-veined cheese with a creamy texture and subtle flavors is set within a matte orange rind with a pale yellow interior for added depth - all this colour and taste without overpowering the palate! Perfectly suited for vegetarians too.


    Norfolk is truly a unique and wonderful place to visit! Its local cuisine offers something for everyone - no matter what your tastes or dietary requirements are, you can rest assured that there are plenty of delicious dishes to try. The region’s rich history, vibrant culture and stunning landscapes make for an unmissable experience. So if you’re planning a getaway anytime soon, why not make Norfolk your destination? Not only will you discover new flavors and traditions; you’ll also create memories that will last a lifetime.

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