Taste the Highlands: What food is Inverness Famous For?

Taste the Highlands: What food is Inverness Famous For?

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    what is inverness famous for

    The first thing I would say about Inverness food is that it is a great place to go for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner! There are so many cafés and restaurants offering different kinds of food so you won't be stuck looking for a tasty meal to eat.

    I could fill up this whole article about all the food I have eaten in Inverness, but instead, I have included below a list of foods that are local to this area and that you must try. Some of the most famous dishes include cheeses like Caboc, Strathdon Blue and Morangie Brie, Bannock Bread, and Cullen Skink from the village of Cullen not far from the city.

    Many foods are local to the capital of the Highlands. These foods have been passed down through the generations and they’ve become part of the culture. There is no better way to experience these foods than by visiting their country or region, but if you can't make it there, try some of them at home! The list below details just a few of these dishes with an explanation of what makes them unique and why you should try them.

    Discover the mouth-watering flavors of Inverness cuisine

    In this blog post, we will be discussing what delicacies you can expect to find in Inverness.

    Here are a few examples we recommend:

    Strathdon Blue

    Strathdon Blue is a blue cheese that originated in the North of Scotland. It is produced in the village of Tain just north of Inverness. The cheese is made with pasteurised cow’s milk and is regarded as a milder version of Stilton.

    One thing that makes this cheese unique is its subtle flavour with the locals loving the aromatic flavour and rich, creamy texture of the cheese! A winner of many awards and also previously regarded as one of the world's best 62 cheeses. The best way to enjoy this tasty cheese would be with some fig and grape chutney and a creamy cracker.

    Cullen Skink

    If you're looking for a delicious and hearty soup to warm you up, look no further than cullen skink. Cullen skink is a Scottish soup that is made with smoked haddock, potatoes and onion. This soup is considered to be a traditional dish in the Highlands of Scotland. It is said to have originated in the village of Cullen in Moray.

    The soup has been enjoyed for many years and continues to be popular among locals and visitors alike. The perfect way to enjoy this delicious soup would be with some oatcakes on the side. The soup is a dish found throughout the United Kingdom so why not try some in the area of its creation?

    Stornoway Black Pudding

    Stornoway Black Pudding is a type of sausage that is made in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. The pudding is usually made with beef suet, oatmeal, onions, and blood.

    The black pudding is often served as part of a traditional Scottish breakfast. It can also be served as an appetizer or main course. The Stornoway black pudding is regarded as one of the best types of black pudding in Scotland due to the method of using Scottish oatmeal in its production. This method gives the black pudding its rough texture.

    Granted protected status in 2013, the Stornoway Black Pudding will be guaranteed to be from the town on the Island of Lewis and Harris if the name is used on packaging or found on the menu.

    what food is inverness famous for

    Bannock Bread

    Bannock Bread

    Bannock bread is a type of unleavened flatbread found in Scotland. It is often eaten with butter or cheese, and sometimes with jam or honey. Bannocks are usually cooked on a griddle over an open fire, but they can also be baked in an oven or fried like frying bread. They are common fare for breakfast, lunch, tea time, supper, and alongside traditional Scottish dishes such as stovies. They can also serve as a base for other ingredients to create sandwiches or wraps.

    Bannocks have been associated with other countries of origin, however, it is believed that bannocks have been around since the Iron Age in Scotland and on the Scottish Isles.

    Morangie Brie

    Morangie brie is another type of cheese from the village of Tain, north of Inverness. The brie is made from pasteurised cow's milk and is known for being smooth, sweet, and creamy. Often found as part of a cheese board after dinner, the Morangie brie goes well with red and white wines. The cheese won gold for the best British Brie at the 2009 British Cheese Awards and continues to impress to the present day.


    Caboc is a rich double cream cheese produced in the village of Tain (again!). Regarded as one of Scotland's oldest cheeses, the cheese historically was one for the wealthy. It has a distinctive mild, slightly tangy, and nutty flavour with a high-fat content.

    Dated back to the 15th Century, the history of the cheese goes back to the days of the 'MacDonald clan' with the recipe passing down the generations until the present day when the company 'Highland Fine Cheeses Ltd' of Tain, currently has the famous formula under lock and key!



    Clapshot is a traditional dish that has been around for centuries. It is said to have originated in Orkney, where it is still a popular dish today. The combination of potatoes and swede with the addition of butter and salt and pepper, gives clapshot a unique flavour that everyone will love. Usually served with haggis, sausages, or meat, clapshot goes well with almost anything on the plate and can be found in restaurants across Inverness as part of the main meal or a side dish.


    Inverness is a lovely city with so many unique foods that you'll want to try. The Morangie brie, the Stornoway black pudding and the historical Caboc cheese are just some of the delicious dishes you can find in Inverness. If your taste buds have been raving about these tasty treats then it's time for you to take a trip up north! You'll be able to experience all that Scotland has on offer while eating at amazing restaurants where you'll find traditional Scottish food made from fresh ingredients. Check our other blog posts from this area below via the following links:


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